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The Irwins have a passion for serving the community.  Mike, Mary Lee, Jessica, Lydia, and Matthew have been giving back to the community for decades.  As a family, they have spent years volunteering through their church.  They have worked with food pantries, habitat for humanity, and been apart of many mission trips.


With their latest venture, By The Book Recovery, the Irwins are hoping to help shed light on how addiction affects not only the addict but also the family.  Mike and Mary Lee Irwin are working with high schools and other community organizations to spread awareness as well as champion treatment and recovery as a family.


Matthew Irwin is bringing his years of multifamily property management along with his experience serving the recovery community to the Sober Living Industry.  Matthew has shared his experience, strength, and hope with many individuals.


"I don’t think I have a good story about my addiction to tell the only thing that’s a positive is that I made it out alive," starts Matthew's story.   "As most people would say it started off fun, but that wasn’t my addiction yet, that was the early stages of experimenting.  Once addiction took hold  I was stealing, lying, and doing anything to stay high. "


Matthew continues by explaining that addiction does not just affect the addict.  “The family and friends get it just as bad. After multiple treatment centers and sober livings, I was ready to be receptive.  In hindsight I was the problem all along, I was never ready to sit still and listen."


"In starting By The Book Recovery, my goal is to offer a place to live that someone can walk into and feel at home.  I don’t want to give someone the chance to do what I did and say it’s in a bad neighborhood, the food is awful, they don’t care, I’m bored, if this is being sober it’s not for me."


By The Book Recovery is a Sober Living Home that focuses on the entire person, not just the addiction.  At By The Book Recovery, we strive to show that the 12 steps and the 12 principals are the pillars to living a happy, joyous, and free life.   

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